Happy Pie Chart

Okay, the pie chart is a joke! It would be funny, except the truth is that the government constantly paints an equally rosy picture about the recovery from the 2008 disaster, about how the economy is bouncing back, about how the good times are just ahead. And it’s not funny! Being lied to when the quality of our lives is at stake, when the health of our families, the integrity of our communities, the future we are handing to our children is in jeopardy, is nothing to laugh about. One out of four children going to bed hungry in the richest nation in the world is not a punch line. People having to work two or three lousy paying jobs to make ends meet is not clown material or the stuff of cheap giggles.

The government can publish all of the phony statistics  it wants, but people know what’s really going on. The recovery is a fraud, for 99% of U.S. citizens.

Yes, the people at the top are doing fine, actually better than ever.

But everyday Americans are hurting.

•      Real wages have been flat. Americans work harder for less.
•      The middle class is being slowly decimated.
•      The number of people living in poverty has doubled since 1973.
•      The wealth of the country has migrated upwards.
•      The top .1% now own as much as the bottom 90% of the population.
•      The banks are too-big-to-fail and the bankers too-big-to-jail.
•      Our manufacturing base has been gutted. 50,000 factories have been shipped overseas.
•      Our country is being sold to the highest bidder and now foreign ownership of U.S. assets is at a historic high.

But it doesn’t stop there. Across the board, the voice of everyday citizens cannot be heard above the loud roar of big money and the bellowing of pay-for-play pundits and politicians.

It’s not just bread-and-butter issues. There are also many, critical non-economic catastrophes that the American people want fixed:

•      Our public education is in shambles. A basic college education is becoming unaffordable.
•      We are embroiled in wars everywhere. The War On Terror has put us in a permanent state of military readiness and active conflict.
•      The War On Terror is as destructive within our borders as without. We are constantly being watched. Our local police now look like Navy Seal teams.
•      The media is a homogeneous monopoly.
•      We have more people in our prisons than any other major industrialized country.
•      Racial tensions are back. Bigotry is becoming overt and virulent.
•      The police are out of control, abusing and killing innocent people, getting away with a slap on the wrist.
•      There is no coherent, effective immigration policy.
•      People have less and less faith in their government.
•      Likewise, the government doesn’t trust the people. It spies on us, listens to our phone conversations, reads our emails. Citizens are now often regarded as guilty until proven innocent.
•      On the international stage, at one time we used to cooperate with other nations. Now we just bully and bomb.
•      Once a beacon of hope and a source of inspiration, America is increasingly feared and reviled throughout the world.

The simple truth is, no one in Washington DC is listening.

Not to you and I, that’s for sure!

They listen to the deep-pocketed corporate CEOs, the Wall Street billionaires, the ultra-wealthy elite, the plutocrats who now own our government and call the shots.

Which is why voters need to band together as a bloc, stand united  and strong.

We must remain fiercely determined to put an end to this destructive rule by the rich and powerful.

Listen! We vastly outnumber them at the polls.

There’s strength in numbers.

We can do this!

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