The Sledgehammer

SledgehammerThe candidate contract is not a magic wand.

It’s a sledgehammer!

Sometimes you just have to use the right tool to get the job done.

The time for pretty-please requests for our elected officials start listening to us is long past. The last twenty years has clearly demonstrated they take their orders from a wealthy class of plutocrats. What we the majority of citizens want done for America, the kind of America we envision for ourselves and our children, the quality of our schools, our communities, our lives, are now irrelevant.

We change this by demanding a legally-binding contract with anyone running for office. It says exactly what the candidate will do when elected.

If he or she breaks the contract, they pay dearly.

The contracts we present to the candidates to sign can be written for any of the critical issues which we the people  want addressed. As an example, here is one for raising the minimum wage, written for an individual running for House of Representatives:

This is what we will present to every single candidate running for federal office. Contracts will be drawn up around the issues you  have chosen by taking our national poll.

The candidates either sign or they don’t get our votes.

No contract.

No vote.

Sledgehammers can be very handy. In this case, we’ll use one to destroy the iron grip the wealthy elite now have on our system of government.

Government . . . of the people . . . by the people . . . for the people!

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