Slow Build

Not a whimper but not a bang. We are moving forward with determination but keeping the champagne corks in the bottle for the foreseeable future.

There’s so much distraction out there, heads are spinning, people are dizzy with the news of terrorist attacks, impending war, ISIS, Hillary, Bernie, the gang of idiots on the Republican ticket.

But we have “launched” a blitz of sorts. Getting attention in the mainstream media is a non-starter. So we’ll bide our time, take the long road, a steady one step at a time.

The math is on our side if we can just get some folks to pay attention and take the brave step of tapping the next two people on the shoulders and pointing them our way.

Having said all of that, much to our surprise and contained elation, the counter still twirls and stands at 41,921 signatures as of this writing.

We again thank Celine, Norman, and especially Katherine over at the NEAR Foundation for their valuable input on focusing our energies.



  1. Hi John. I are workin on it. I’ll tell everybody I can think will be kindly disposed to this Good Effort.

    Going to explore some more around this exciting place. Dan 1

  2. By the way. I like your step by trudging step approach to this thing. It is steady and sure. That helps this old poot to stay caught up…at least at first.

  3. Hey! Where are these comments going? They are not below here?

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