“Vote Like You Mean It”

Great news!

Vote Like You Mean It  has been made available by the National Endowment for American Renewal (NEAR Foundation) as a giveaway to anyone taking our issues poll.

This is a powerful little book (only 56 pages), actually a voters guide which sums up the strategy we are promoting. The ideas, which we think are the only effective way of taking on the big money politics of the coming election, are attracting heightened interest and starting finally to get some much-deserved attention.

Personal thanks go out to Celine Hoffstaeder and Norman Gleich, both of whom have helped make possible F-R-E-E.US and supported our efforts the whole way.



  1. occupysonoradan1

    “National Endowment for American Renewal”?

    Being a “Progressive Direct Democratist” I have to ask: Just precisely what is it We Americans wish to “renew”?

    The “Golden Age of Middle Class Worker Prosperity”?

    The Old American Dream of a Home, two vehicles and a better education for Our Children?

    Paper ballots counted by those We can Truly Trust?

    These things We lost, because of other things We did not have enough of.

    I guess “Renewal” is good, but We really should try to get beyond what We had to More and Better things that We Should Have. If it is to be “Renewal” then I hope it will be a new and improved form of that renewal. Stronger in Fairness, Justice and Community Caring and Solidarity.

  2. Julian Delvecchio

    Apparently you choose to view “renewal” in its most narrow sense, as in restoration. When a person restores a car, they take it back to exactly what it was when it came off the assembly line. We are not suggesting that America be restored to some allegedly ideal state as it was on February 18, 1956. We are talking about renewal in the sense that term is used in urban renewal. When a neighborhood undergoes “urban renewal”, it is not restored. It is renewed! New ideas for fulfilling its potential are brought into play. New buildings, new architecture, new business opportunities, new community programs. So look at ‘American renewal’ in the same light. We want to get rid of the bad and replace it with a reinvigorated vision for the nation. Our suggestions for where this begins is described in detail here: http://n-e-a-r.org/a-broad-agenda/

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