Ending the Corruption

Vote Like You Mean It_CoverThe idea behind FREE US is ridiculously simple.

Yet, it could profoundly change America for the next fifty years.

Change it to benefit everyone!

We’re not asking for a ton of money. We’re not asking for a bunch of time. You don’t have to march in the streets, picket or protest.

All we ask is that you as a citizen and a voter stand up for yourself.

Yes, each each and every one of us must stand strong and make our votes count.

There are a lot of things the vast majority of Americans want done.

The only way to get them done is to tell every single politician running for office, either you sign a legally-binding contract to do these very things, or we will find a candidate who will.

You need to stick up for yourself.

You want a better life. You want more for your family. You’re tired of politicians making wonderful promises, but once they get to Washington DC, forgetting about you, the person who voted them into office.

Then, we stick together  and only vote for candidates who have signed the contracts.

No contract.

No vote.

It’s that simple.

We need to know what you consider important. Tell us what you want done and we’ll go to the candidates and DEMAND they serve your interests.

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