Free us? From what?

While the F-R-E-E.US acronym stands for Fair Representative Elections Everywhere in the U.S., I constantly get asked, “What are you trying to free us from?”

If it’s not obvious, our electoral system is rigged and our two-party system provides virtually no choice at all. Which would be fine if we just wanted to pretend that we’re voting or that when we stepped up in front of the video screen of the new electronic voting machines we were just there to play a video game.

But as the problems get bigger and more frightening and the stakes get higher, voting should be more than role-play or an exercise in futility.

Having said that — which alludes to what the essence of democracy and self-rule is all about — the frustrating and infuriating truth is that not having a proper voice in running the country, voters have been shoved aside and the entire decision-making apparatus is now in the hands of a tiny minority of very wealthy and highly influential — read that as ‘powerful’ — individuals. If we, the majority of citizens, don’t get back our constitutional right to self-government, then America is no longer a democracy. It’s a plutocracy. That’s a wonderfully rich word which means autocratic, authoritarian, non-democratic rule.

So here’s the simple, short answer to the question, “What are you trying to free us from?” . . .

We’re trying to free you from TYRANNY!


  1. Yes. Well said, Sebastion Orlando. I like the accurate succinctness of it.

    When We begin to open this tidy package, that you have so well put before Us, with Our Educated and Wise Thought, the complex ramifications of this terrible situation begin to appear to Our Fair and Just Minds.

    Then We Courageously begin to do something about this mess. Something that will make Life monumentally Better for More and More of Us.

  2. You have shared: “While the F-R-E-E.US acronym stands for Fair Representative Elections Everywhere in the U.S.,…”

    I usually struggle to remember acronyms, but this one stays more clear to my old Mind.

    Uh…”Representative”? I like this word best when it means As Many Of Us As Possible To Well Govern Ourselves”. Of course We have to get there. We have to earn this.

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