In poll after poll, these are the things a vast number of Americans say are important. Take a few minutes. Tell us what's important to you. Select as many as you want.

    • Raise the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour.
    • Increase Social Security benefits by 10%, reduce eligibility age to 62.
    • Expand Medicare coverage, eliminate co-pay, cap prices for prescription on drugs.
    • Refund to every U.S. citizen $18,064 fraudulently taken by the DOD.
    • Prevent banks from charging more than 8% on credit cards.
    • Make the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes.
    • End the subsidies and tax breaks to corporations already drowning in profits.
    • Forgive college loan debt.
    • Make higher education free to everyone who qualifies.
    • Stop predatory bank foreclosures.
    • Require mortgage debt relief for troubled home loans.
    • Repair schools, roads, bridges, upgrade the nation’s infrastructure.
    • Reduce the military budget and end all the unnecessary wars.
    • Initiate a constitutional amendment to end Citizens United.

    “I promise to only vote for a candidate who gives his
    or her unqualified support to the above selected.”

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