A Straightforward Explanation

Someone the other day asked me for a short and sweet explanation of our strategy.

Here’s what I told him:

Voters must take decisive control of their own future. They must have an incentive for doing that, empowered with a simple, easy-to-understand, easily-implemented mechanism.

“Here’s what you want. Here’s how you get it.”

They must be given a simple, forceful meme.

“No contract. No vote.”

They must be rewarded for taking the time to do the right thing.

The Peace Dividend

I think this is the “short answer” for exactly what we’re trying to accomplish here.


  1. I lost hope of ever having peace in our U.S. of A. It has gotten so corrupt. This new movement with substance has given me new hope. I am with you all the way. Please keep me informed of the candidates you recommend, who have signed this contract. I admit I wasn’t even going to vote this year.

  2. I lost hope of any candidate being honest and for the people and the betterment of our country, of restoring and giving it back to the people. I love my country, but distrust the government as it is! Distrust any politician! Many friends feel the same way and are not going to even ‘bother’ to vote. I intend to let them know about the Peace Dividend and F-r-e-e us. I hope the word spreads. Thank You…

  3. occupysonoradan1

    Maybe this is the beginning of Our moving away from politics and toward “Citizen Governance”. More of Us the Better, but We, as Responsible Individuals, must continue to become *More and Better within Ourselves…then this will add up to a New Greater American Nation.

    * “More and Better” = More Caring, More Intelligent, (through Superior Education), Wiser and Better at making decisions that “Promote the General Welfare of Our Nation”.

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