$14,952 For Every U.S. Citizen

During the past 25 years, we have endured unprecedented  waste and fraudulent use of tax payer dollars.

Over $4.82 trillion — that’s trillion dollars! — of money paid in good faith by hard-working U.S. citizens was collected under false pretenses and squandered.

This abuse of public trust was the direct result of bloated defense budgets from 1992 to the present, and illegal and unnecessary wars.

You can get all of the specific details here but we’ll give you a thumbnail sketch.

In 1992 with the breakup of the Soviet Union, the American people were promised a “peace dividend”. Money devoted to the Cold War for defense would from now on be spent on improving life across the board for every citizen. We would enter a new phase where peace would replace war, where we could enjoy better education, parks, communities. Jobs would be plentiful. Peace would break out over the world with America leading the charge.

It never happened. The defense budget, instead of going down, skyrocketed. The U.S. built over 900 bases all over the world, bought billions upon billions in unneeded military junk, found new enemies everywhere it looked, started conflicts, overthrew governments, created animosity and fear world wide. We’ve fought major, unending wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, embarked on misadventures in Africa, Central America, Eastern Europe. Now we’re trying to bully Russia and China, two major nuclear super-powers, who are not going to back down. What is the point of all of this?

To create this mess, the U.S. government used your tax dollars.

$4.82 trillion has gone up in smoke since 1992.

What did we get for our money?

We are not safer.

We are not more secure.

The world is not a better place.

What we individual citizens are . . . is broke!

Average American citizens are in debt up to their eyebrows. People are losing their homes. Our jobs are being shipped overseas. Our roads, bridges, schools, communities are falling apart. Poverty is accelerating.

This has been happening because $4.82 trillion of your  hard-earned money was spent recklessly — completely wasted! — over the past 25 years. This is money you could have used.  To pay down your credit cards, fix up your homes, pay for college.  Or at the very least, America could have put it to work here at home for the good of the American people. Instead we’ve been buying more military equipment, cruise missiles, drones and bombs to blow up countries, which we then rebuild with your  tax dollars.

100 Dollars PacketsSo what do you do when your government literally steals $4.82 trillion of your hard-earned money and blows it on fraudulent wars and military boondoggles, money which ends up in the bank accounts of the already incomprehensibly wealthy, the ultra-rich .1% who own the multinational corporations like Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, and Halliburton?

You get it back!

And that’s what the Peace Dividend refund will do.

It comes to $14,952 for each and every U.S. citizen.

It’s our money.

We want it back.

We will get it back!

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